Concept, Product Design, Photography

Client:Corraini Edizioni


Un Sedicesimo, Corraini Edizioni

Corraini Edizioni is an italian publishing house and an art gallery. The word “sedicesimo” is known as a typographical measure: a sixteen-pages-binding. Each issue of  “Un Sedicesimo” has a different author, whose job is to create a sixteen-pages-long project.

Our book, n. 37, is a photographic collection of 12 objects we created in Australia from free samples asked to local companies. All the samples provided by the factories have been assembled, modified, burnt, cut… and turned into unique objects, evaluating their standardised beauty.

Samples of ropes, frost glass, metal meshes, laminate, ceramic tiles, carpets… became a duster, an aquarium, a heavy-bag, a set of combs, fruit jellies, a mask…

The book has been published in january 2015 and you can purchase it here

The Sample Book