Concept, Photography, Art Direction


2019,New York

“That’s Sweet” is the photographic interpretation of English and American sayings which include sweet food and desserts. From the most common “Sweet dreams” to the not-so-polite “shut your pie hole” we have recreated a selection of 10 expressions, while some of them are very literal, others were inspired by the way those words were translated into our imagination. We have then collaborated with Glasgow based graphic designer Raissa Pardini who “added the cherry on top” with her typographic work giving each image the look of a timeless post card/ greeting card.

This passion project also includes the collaboration with NY based hairstylist Mischa G and make up artist Natalia López de Quintana.


Hairstylist: Mischa G

Hairstylist collab: Douglas Discolourist

Make up artist: Natalia López de Quintana

Retoucher: Valeria Golynkina

Models :

Stacey and A’Shaun from RED Management

Vaughan and Lau from APM New York

That’s Sweet