Art Direction, Print Design, Photography



A hairy beachwear collection.

Print All Over Me is an American online platform which provides the tools that allow anyone to create, share, own, and produce their designs by uploading artwork that can be applied to seasonal collections of clothing. PAOM invited us to develop and design a special print that we’ve then applied on a personal selection of garments.

Once hair is grown past our shoulders it rests on our chest and back, creating a unique outline on what we are wearing. This familiar and ordinary picture aroused our interest, making us consider hair as a graphic tool and motif. Playing with colourful wigs as if they were brushes and using gravity as a secondary instrument we created a collection of 12 bright prints. Each artwork is a photograph of different wigs arranged and brushed with care and manner. The reflection of light on the artificial and multicoloured hair expresses the depth of the composition.