Film Direction, Art Direction


“Only See Possible” TV Ad we directed in collaboration with Bob Partington, is about seeing things from different perspectives and angles, through the use of unexpected camera angles, perspective shifts and illusions which in this film are constructive and reveal solutions.

There is a rich history of perspective tricks dating back to renaissance art, we borrowed some concepts and invented some brand new ones; one of the most exciting things for us was to create a flawless path for the camera, the set was designed following the illusion scheme and narrative, the highest part of the arch was 12 meters tall, definitely the tallest set we have ever conceptualized.

Have a look at the BTS video to see how we’ve made it!


Directed by: Mathery and Bob Partington
Client: Deloitte
Director of Photography: Matthew J. Smith
Production Designer: Will Field
Production Company: 1stAve Machine
Producer: Mike Capon
Executive Producer: Peter Repplier
Service Production Company: Icon Films
Agency: Heat
Colorist: Seth Ricart RCO
Editor: Rhys Stover

Only See Possible