Concept, Art Direction, Photography



In occasion of its 18th edition OFFF Festival commissioned Mathery to create the campaign and opening film.

Over the past few years OFFF Festival has evolved quite a lot and the acronym which gives it the name doesn’t represent what the festival is anymore.

Starting from this premise we have developed a photographic campaign made up of 8 different meanings of the OFFF acronym which are absurd and illogical.

OFFF Festival this year became: “Optimistic Freckled Friends Festival, Ornamental Flying Frogs Festival, Orthopedic Floral Footwear Festival, Oyster Flavoured Food Festival, Oversensitive French Fiancées Festival, Orange Fringed Fathers Festival, Overdressed Ferocious Faces Festival, Oily Furry Fingers Festival”


Concept, Art Direction and Photography: Mathery

Graphic Design: Pietro Tarsitano

Motion Designer (screensavers): Marco Rosella

DP Collaborator: Sirio Vanelli

Stylist: Francesca Crippa

Make up: Bianca Bagnoli

Hair: Serena Alaimo

Models from Independent MGMT Milan

OFFF Campaign