Product Design



Josie is the protagonist of 1999 hit high school romcom Never Been Kissed. Played by Drew Barrymore, geeky Josie spent her high school years on the social outer- harassed and tormented by the cool kids. Cruelly nicknamed Josie Grossie, never invited to the prom and always the one left sitting alone on a chair at parties.

But what if the party came to her?

Initially designed as a personal project, Josie was born from the idea of empathising with a moment – the action of seating. Driven by the need to restore a WOW effect and sense of occasion, Josie celebrates the person who is seated and moreover, celebrates design.

Josie is a performative chair fashioned from beech wood, defined by simple design features and chunky lines. But her whimsicality lies in that moment – the second before seating. Josie lives for this and responds with a joyous burst of colour.

Celebrating her glorious design, Josie evaluates the act of seating as a triumph.


Video: Coco & Maximilian – music: Alex Albrecht
Photography: Reuben Gates
Chair manufactured by: James Devery, Luke Macmahon, Abde Nouamani Laraichi, Michael Chazan
Models: Cass Froese and Tobias Mugabe

Josie Chair