Concept, Film Direction, Art Direction, Set Design



Colour data collection featuring a lint roller.

In this film, we show viewers an alternative and yet charming function of the lint roller. Yes, that thing that is always laying on an abandoned shelf in the darkest corner of your house.

The sticky roller removes lint and fibers from clothing via adhesive paper, trapping colour in the process. What if you get to keep each lint-dirty sticker?

Mathery’s playful examination of this domestic obsession takes place in a colourful daily routine made up of an irresistible set that characterizes our design approach.  An impressive, mosaic colour palette covers a surface, made with adhesive paper collected over time. Appearing at the end of the video, it will mimic the colours of Mathery’s wardrobe.

Fiber Affair premiered on NOWNESS

Award: VAEFF2016, Video Art and Experimental Film Festival -Tribeca, New York.



Directed and written by: Mathery Studio and Andrea Pecora

Produced by: Revolution Department

Executive Producer: Simona Ferraro

Director of Photography: Dario Ghezzi

Art Direction, Production and Set Design: Mathery Studio

Music: Jack Leg Studio

Editing: Marcello Sanna

Colorist: Giorgia Meacci

Set Design on set: Chiara De Rota, Eugenia Tartarelli

Hair and Make Up: Serena Congiu – Assistants: Giulia Sbarzella, Sandra Monterosso

Stylist: Francesca Crippa – Stylist Assistant: Giulia Marica

Video backstage by Pino Capacchione

Erika and Matteo are dressed in: Alessia Xoccato, Camper, Marios, Paul Smith, Stella McCartney, Sunnei, Volta, 1981

Fiber Affair