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A Sci-Fi Instagram Photo Book set in a Retrofuturistic Milan

Felicitazioni is a grotesque 5 act photo (+video) romance now happening on @felicitazioni_romance ​​​​​​​instagram account, the 5 episodes are released throughout the month of june 2021, so… make sure to follow!

This comedy, drama and horror story takes place in a 70’s designer villa in rural Italy. Pregnant Barb (Sophia Loren on the inside and Palm Springs housewife on the outside) and her handsome, caring and successful partner Vincenzo  have just moved in. There will be passion, ghosts, unnecessary body parts, romantic trips, Italian food and fights.
Barb will be talking directly with her social media followers about her surreal pregnancy through insta stories.
Each act will be live in the insta story for 24 hours, then will be available for late-comers in the highlights.
“What at first looks like a candid romcom situation, soon turns into a dystopic and absurd storyline where the wife grows a third leg and the husband discovers to be pregnant too. Inspired conceptually and aesthetically by both mid-century Sci-Fi B Movies and the eye-pleasing settings of classic American family-themed TV series like ‘Bewitched’ or ‘The Nanny’, ‘Felicitazioni’ succeeds in subverting the typical male gaze of the softcore photo books by portraying a certain genre fluidity in its witty plot. “
words by Lorenzo Ottone
FELICITAZIONI photo romance