Film Direction, Art Direction


2021,Los Angeles, Barcelona

A series of videos we directed for Facebook part of the “More Together” campaign, featuring an amazing group of drag queens and and a beginner sewer with his lovely kittens. The video series also include a 360 drag queen dream room we built inside a historical hotel in Barcelona.



Director: Mathery

DP: Filip Marek

PD: Laura Sabat

Stylist: Yolanda Armegol

Hair: Lasteah

MUA: Emma Tutusaus

Editor: Carlos Lamas

Production: 1stAve Machine

Service production company : Mamma team

Post Production: Pixel Farm

Online & VFX Lead: Luke Braith

Color: MPC

Colorist: Ricky Gausis

Title Design & Animation: Hueso Audio

Post Production: Lime

Facebook More Together