Erika Zorzi and Matteo Sangalli comprise Mathery, a one of a kind Italian directing duo bred from a background in design and photography.

Currently based in Brooklyn, their work turn simple, everyday life upside down to form tongue and cheek worlds of humor and breathtaking art direction.

The pair excels in creating abstract universes and their talents cross different mediums and disciplines from film to photography, as well as space and object design. Mathery's strong personal and professional relationship since meeting at university has enabled them to bring to life their unique creations as independent artists, working in Australia, Asia and Europe.

Alternating between personal independent projects and directing commercial advertisements, the duo sees each scene is an opportunity to observe the world we know and transform it into one we don’t, one that’s filled with mystery, irony, and satire.


2018 Young Guns 16

2017 Italian Design Under 35, New Delhi (IN)

2016 2016 Tubo, International Design Week, Hangzhou (CN)

2015 The Art of Living, Triennale Museum, Milan Design Week (IT)

2015 To be used, Corso Venezia, Milan Design Week (IT)

2015 PureJUICE, Foundation Mons, Bruxelles (BE)

2015 Modefabriek, Amsterdam (NL)

2014 Pastello-Draw Act, National Gallery of Victoria (AU)

2014 Fruit Wares becomes part of the Permanent Design Collection at the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne (AU)

2014 Gold is the only Love, Allpress Studio, Melbourne (AU)

2014 Interior Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) "Event" category with Pastello - Draw Act exhibition

2014 The most inspiring designs of 2014 by WIRED

2014 TOP 15 Best Kids design projects 2014 by DOMUS

2013 My Sweet Design Fair at TAC, Eindhoven (NL)

2013 Melbourne Now at the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne (AU)

2012 Arts and Crafts at Spazio Ex Ansaldo, Milan (IT)

2012 Spazio Gerra, Reggio Emilia (IT)

2011 OPERAE, Turin (IT)

2010 Un Designer per le Imprese Price at Triennale Art Museum, Milan (IT)

2010 Science and Technology Museum, Milan (IT)



Film Direction

Art Direction

Space and Object Design

Our work has been used for: Installations, Children spaces, Videos, Film and Photo Set, Events, Advertising Campaigns, Media Contents, Magazines,Books, Product Styling, Catalogues, Print on fabric, Wallpapers, Product Collaborations.







Dolce & Gabbana


Unilever, Dove


Corraini Edizioni

Ing Direct

National Gallery of Victoria



⤳ VISUAL FEAST, Gestalten

⤳ HAPPENING 2, Design for Events- Frame Publishers-

⤳ PITCH, issue 13

⤳ BranD, issue 12

⤳ BrandD, issue 18

⤳ Cabinet ME Publishing, Korea

⤳ Un sedicesimo 37 “The Sample Book by Mathery Studio” Corraini Edizioni, Italy

⤳ Quartz book

⤳ On Show by Design –SANDU publishing

⤳ Nautilus Magazine, may/June 2015

⤳ CityVision, Issue2,3,4

FUTUR(S) Edition #14 Fashioning the future, Peclers Paris


2018 OFFF festival 2018

2015 International Design Week, Hangzhou (CN)

2015 XUE XUE Institute, Taipei (TW)

2015 NABA (New Academy of Arts), Milan (IT)

2015 THE DIP at The Public Society, NY

2015 Santa Maria College, Melbourne (AU)

2014 International Design Week, Hangzhou (CN)

2014 National Gallery of Victoria (NGV), Melbourne (AU)

2013 RMIT University, Melbourne (AU)

2012 Milan Trade School (IT)

2011 the Design Circle in Milan (IT)

2011 Il Futuro è nelle tue mani at Movicentro in Bra (IT)


⤳ DAMn° #41

⤳ Casa Vogue Brazil, issue 341

⤳ DQ, Design Quarterly #56

⤳ Domus #975 “prominent Alumni”

⤳ étapes: #230

⤳ Frame #101 and #109

⤳ Food Player #1

⤳ Gallery january 2014

Gourmet Traveller, march 2015

Home and Dècor Malaysia, june 2014

International Magazine of Space Design, BOB #143

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⤳ Monocle, issue 57 vol 06

Malaysia Airlines, Going Places, may 2015

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Vanity Fair #15

⤳ Vogue Italia #773

⤳ Vogue Bambini #2042

View Point Magazine, june 2015