Concept, Design, Photography, Art Direction



Together is a photographic work which expresses our desire to reinterpret and recast the structure of fashion apparel. Applying the concept of “ union” on selected objects, we designed a collection of accessories and garments that embodied the antithesis of themselves.

The seven loopy designs were then entrusted to a selection of international fashion brands who produced the pieces beautifully.

We delighted in putting on the most stylish non-walking shoes in the world, and shopping with a bag unable to hold anything you throw in it.

The collection is:

One Shoes by CHARLES PHILIP SHANGHAI, Shanghai ; Workwear Shirt for Two:  MARIOS, Milan; Kangaroo Sweater:  KLOKE, Melbourne; Connected Gloves:  DEGEN, Nyc; 360 degrees Cap:  SUPERDUPER HATS, Florence; Continuous Bag:  FFIXXED, Hong Kong; Loop Denim Pants:  69, Los Angeles


MUA, Hair: Serena Congiu
Stylist: Francesca Crippa
Stylist Assistant: Giulia Marica
Models: Federico, Malcom, Annabianca from Wonderwall Management