Concept, Photography, Food styling

Client: Pijama


Mathery x Pijama

Polenta is made by grinding corn into flour, then boiled into a porridge. The north of Italy is divided between people who loves it creamy and thick and who like to let it set and slice it. Torn between the two ancient habits we started playing with polenta. What it came out was an unexpected rocky looking landscape of cold polenta blocks.

Polenta is a limited edition of bags designed by Mathery for Pijama, the collection is composed by a Bucket Bag and a Sack. The black and white pattern portrays a unique vision of the Italian polenta celebrating the north of Italy, where both Pijama and Mathery are from.


Campaign Photographer: Mattia Guolo Kamikaze

Model: Corinne Piccolo

MUA: Samia Laoumr

Polenta Bag