Film Direction, Art Direction

Client: A101 Apartments

2020, Moscow

This film tells the story of Tonya as she peeks into the surreal lives that inhabit the stunning A101 apartments with all their incredible (and shoking!!!) features.

The long format video also incapsulates 8 different TV Spots which also work independently as 15″, we made one of the tallest bunk beds ever, imagined outdoor spaces right outside a living room window and built the most colorful grocery store you’ll ever experience…


Director: Mathery
DOP: Matthew J. Smith
Production designer: James Hamilton, Daria Grigorieva
EP: Anastasia Formenskaya
Editor: Max Perepelkin
Original Soundtrack: Jackleg studio
1st AD: Luda Vereykina
Casting: Valentina Kurochkina
Costume Designer: Vasilisa Gusarova
assisted by: Tatyana Mamaeva and Evgenya Zhuravleva
Make up and hair: Nadia Lukinova, Arkadiy Bulgatov
Producer’s assistant: Sonya Kabanova
Post production producers: Nonna Aristarkhova, Olga Zorina
CG: Post Prinyal
Grade: Artem Leonov
Creative Agency: Tutkovbudkov
Art Director: Dmitry Kostyuchenko
Creative directors: Oleg Barinboym and Dmitry Tyutkov
Account manager: Yulia Nikandrova
Account Director: Sergey Polyakov

Incredible Apartments