Concept, Food Styling, Photography, Print Design

Client: National Gallery Of Victoria, NGV


The National Gallery of Victoria commissioned Mathery Studio the design of the Dècor of the Sponsors Dinner in occasion of the Launch of the “Italian Masterpieces from Museo Del Prado” Exhibition.
The ancient italian term convivio means banquet. The title of our work “Con Vivio” reinterprets and transforms this meaning literally translating it to “With Vivio”. This exemplifies our concept of community and a shared table.
The Artwork is a collage of traditional italian gestures, religious iconography and highly stylised food , creating hidden layers of meaning.
The “Corna” , a hand gesture resembling the horns of an animal, always accompanied by the word “Cornuto! ” means your wife is cheating on you. Salame slices covering the woman’s eyes indicates that she is unable to make a clear judgement “Hai le fette di salame sugli occhi!”. Using a crust of bread to soak up the last of your meal or piling too much spaghetti on your fork were deemed faux pas by Galateo, the Renaissance social code of conduct.
The imagery featured on the 43 meters long table runner, almost reminiscent of a Renaissance painting, has been designed especially in honour of the Sponsors Dinner at the National Gallery of Victoria.